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Bonk Lube Certified Organic Personal Lubricant Product Review

Posted on 16 May 2017 by Vanessa King

I had doubts about writing a product review for this organic personal lubricant Bonk Lube for two reasons; first, my kids might read it and be embarrassed or even nauseated and secondly, my grand kids might read it and be scarred for life!

But then I thought 'what the heck', middle-aged people and older people still have sex –some of us more than others, some of us on our own, and some of us very carefully (no more hanging over the verandah rail or in the back seat of the car), but the thing we all have in common as we get older is that we need a little help in the lubrication department. Stress, breastfeeding and general tiredness can have an impact on lubrication, so you young ones need to keep reading too.

Bonk Lube Certified Organic Personal Lubricant

My Journey to Finding a Natural Personal Lubricant

So, to my first experience of personal lubricants. I found as I got closer to menopausal age, my period got heavier, but my 'down there' got drier and I needed some help to even use tampons. Not wanting to put any chemicals into my body – well not in there anyway, I tried Vegesorb, a plant based sorbolene cream. I'd never experimented with personal lubricants, condoms or sex toys and in the past preferred to rely on natural lubrication.

Vegesorb was my go-to cream for everything: face, hands, body, lovemaking etc. but one day my cousin used some on her legs and commented that it smelled like dead ants. That was the end of vegesorb for my 'privates' (as my grand-daughter calls them). So, after doing some research I tried Sylk. I did like the texture and silkiness but it actually used to aggravate my delicate bits - I always felt a bit itchy/scratchy down there after using it. Meanwhile life went on and my husband and I had a few years where our sex life was pretty ordinary. Post-menopausal sex was extremely uncomfortable as I was suffering from vaginal dryness, so we just put our intimate life on the back-burner thinking things would improve naturally. But they didn't, and wanting to get back to our previous intimacy, I started looking for a different natural lubricant and I wanted one that was organic as well.

Discovering Bonk Lube Water-Based Lubricant

What a little treasure! Bonk Lube Certified Organic Personal Lubricant comes in two versions: water-based and oil-based. I tried the Bonk Lube Water-Based first and I have to say I thought it was pretty darn good. It's made with certified organic aloe vera and harakeke extract – or New Zealand flax to you and I. Aloe vera is very soothing to sensitive skin. It also moisturises and hydrates, that's why it's used in sunburn lotions. Harakeke extract has anti-inflammatory properties and is very healing to the mucus membranes. It doesn't have any smell (or taste!) and it's like a thick (but not too thick) gel. I found the water-based Bonk Lube not sticky either – it just feels natural. My husband reckoned it dried up a bit too quickly and I did agree but using a little bit more the next time around seemed to do the trick. I had absolutely no reaction after using it – it was like the good old days before menopause!

Using the Bonk Lube Oil-Based Personal Lubricant

Having such a good experience with the water based version, I was ready to try the Bonk Lube Oil-Based Lubricant. It was SO good, if I had tried it first I may not have sampled the water based version. Smooth and silky, it has a pleasant natural aroma. I actually prefer it over the water based version, it just seemed to go on more smoothly and get things moving quicker. Only a small amount was needed and we had the added bonus of all the moisturising properties of the oils and butters. I have used Jojoba before for skin care and seeing it included in the ingredients was reassuring. Jojoba is very similar to the natural wax esters in our skin and does a great moisturising job. So combined with Sunflower Seed oil to help retain moisture, Shea Butter to regenerate, Cocoa Seed Butter with vitamin E to increase the storage life and natural Beeswax as a thickening agent we had a great organic natural lubricant that does more than just lubricate! As with the water based version, I had no adverse reaction but it does leave you feeling a bit oily in that area. That's okay with me, just means some extra moisturising!

A Certified Organic Personal Lubricant?

I love that Bonk Lube has no artificial colours or fragrances in either version and no mineral oils or chemicals that can disrupt the natural pH of the vagina. Bonk Lube Certified Organic personal lubricant has been certified by BioGro New Zealand, a leading organic certifier that is internationally recognised. The water based version uses citric acid as a natural preservative and Geogard 221, another preservative which is BioGro approved, and necessary to prevent bacteria from growing in the product. The oil based version uses it own anti-oxidant properties as the preservative. None of the ingredients in Bonk Lube have been tested on animals and the water-based Bonk Lube is suitable for vegans.

Bonk Lube – Some of the Finer Points

There are a few things to remember with Bonk Lube. You can safely use it to lubricate tampons or menstrual cups prior to insertion. The water based version is water soluble so it won't stain your bedding or your car seats – always a plus! It is also safe to use with latex condoms and silicone toys. The oil based version may leave some oily marks and although it is safe for use with silicone toys, it's not recommended for latex condoms. Oh! Don't forget, Bonk Lube is not a spermicide so it won't prevent pregnancy and it doesn't protect you from STI's.

I have found that using Bonk Lube has made love-making more pleasurable, and if it's this good for us more mature bonkers, imagine what you young guys can get up to with it! So, no matter what your love making style is; if you are young, or young at heart, I can highly recommend Bonk Lube certified organic personal lubricant.



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