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Lunapads Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Posted on 21 January 2016 by Marie Hunter

Sourcing suitable organic cotton washable cloth menstrual pads and panty liners in Australia for our health centre, Lismore required some time of research, but finally we decided that Canadian made Lunapads best fitted our requirements for an ethically made, eco-friendly reusable cloth menstrual pad.

Lunapads Australia

Lunapads has earned international status through their quality ethical and environmental manufacture of reusable cloth menstrual pads and panty liners. Lunapads aims to educate women on how to care for their body and the environment naturally. 

Finding a supply of Lunapads proved quite challenging for us in Australia, but now we have started stocking a modest range of their organic cotton pads, panty liners and inserts we have realised the amount of women who were in the same predicament (unable to find these great little cloth pads in Australia).

What are Lunapads?

For those unfamiliar with re-usable sanitary products, Lunapads  provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary products. The idea with re-usable pads and panty liners is that you do not need to purchase sanitary products every month and there is also no landfill waste. Initially the transition to a cloth pad is a bit challenging, but once you establish a system and a routine you will wonder how you ever did without your re-usable cloth pads.

How Are Lunapads Different To Other Cloth Pads?

A majority of cloth pads use an envelope style where the additional layer of protection is tucked into the whole pad. Lunapads use a liner-on-top style of pad, with a couple of bands at the top and bottom of the pad to hold the additional layer in place. This design allows a woman to continue using a pad for longer, with just the simple addition of a fresh liner, additional layers can be used for protection on heavier days.

Intelligent design features in the Lunapads range include the dual layer removable inserts. This dual layer of organic cotton means that you are kept dry for longer and any fluid is kept in this part of the pad.

How Long Do Lunapads Last?

Lunapads washable cloth panty liners should last several years, especially if they are well maintained. Each pad could last 5-10 years, saving hundreds of pads from being send into landfill every year.

Where To Purchase Lunapads in Australia?

Lunapads are available for purchase in our health centre in Lismore New South Wales and for those not local to the Northern Rivers of NSW we have our range of Lunapads pads, inserts, panty liners and also post partum pads available for purchase in our online store.


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