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Tooth Tonic Product Review

Posted on 10 September 2015 by Leonie Satori

After hearing some positive feedback about a local oral hygiene product called Tooth Tonic, I recently decided to try the product myself and sell it in our health store in Lismore. Below is my review of this new product Tooth Tonic, plus another product in the Tooth Tonic range called Black Whitener, however, first let’s start with some answers to some commonly asked questions.

Tooth Tonic Product Review

What is Tooth Tonic?

Essentially an alternative to regular toothpaste (even the natural ones), Tooth Tonic is a liquid based formula that combines natural essential oils and herbal extracts in a black sesame and coconut oil base.

How do you use Tooth Tonic?

Onto a wet (or dry) toothbrush, just add two drops of the Tooth Tonic and brush as you normally would with your toothbrush.

How does Tooth Tonic differ from regular toothpastes?

For some, Tooth Tonic may seem like a stark contrast to regular toothpastes, especially if you have always used supermarket toothpastes. One of the most obvious differences is that Tooth Tonic is not a ‘paste’ and it does not come in a tube, maybe a simple difference, but a pretty important one, here are some more differences:

  • Tooth Tonic does not contain any foaming agents and therefore does not foam when you use it.
  • Tooth Tonic does not contain any fluoride (let’s just say that we consider this to be a good thing)
  • No added chemicals in Tooth Tonic means that you are reducing your toxin load
  • Also, as this is not in a paste format there are no additional ‘fillers’

Why would I use Tooth Tonic over other natural oral hygiene products?

The combination of therapeutic essential oils and the non-toxic formula is designed to benefit those with gum disease and is beneficial for those who are on a journey to reducing their toxin load. Because this formula is not made into a ‘paste’ format, there is no need for fillers or excipients in this product, therefore making this natural oral hygiene product purely therapeutic and suitable for those with concerns about chemicals in their body and the environment.

How does Tooth Tonic actually clean my teeth?

Made with a combination of anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory essential oils, Tooth Tonic aims to correct the ‘environment’ in the mouth, reduce the negative effects of pathogenic organisms in the mouth and tonify the gums and tissues in the mouth. Essential oils of clove, cinnamon and lemon myrtle have antifungal, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that help with improving the health and condition of the gums. Immortelle or helichrysum is an essential oil that is well known for its tissue healing properties, oregano oil is beneficial for its many anti bacterial and antifungal properties, and our favourite Ayurvedic herb turmeric is surprisingly beneficial for teeth and gums.

The combination of all of these natural essential oils in a base of black sesame and antifungal coconut oil make this both a therapeutic formula for teeth and gums, but also a flavourful and pleasant tasting tonic for teeth. Read more on the benefits of black sesame oil and gum health in our article “Oil Pulling with Organic Black Sesame Oil”.

How does it feel to use Tooth Tonic?

Surprisingly, using Tooth Tonic is quite refreshing, if you can get you head around the lack of foaming toothpaste in your mouth and are open to trying something different you will enjoy the refreshing taste and feel of Tooth Tonic. I do recommend using the Black Whitener just once to twice per week, as the natural mild abrasives in this formula not only help to re-mineralise your teeth, but it also leaves you with that fresh, sparkly feel that you have after a good clean.

Tooth Tonic Natural Oral Hygiene

What about the Black Whitener?

The Black Whitener is a powdered formula that is good to use in combination with the regular liquid Tooth Tonic. The Black Whitener is a combination of powdered herbs, clay and charcoal designed to re-mineralise your teeth, provide additional cleaning for the teeth and gums and rebalance the flora or natural environment in the mouth. As the name suggests, Black Whitener is also designed to whiten the teeth and I do feel that after I use this powder my teeth are definitely more sparkly.

The Black Whitener comes in a little pot that you gently dab the bristles of your toothbrush into before brushing. Be warned that this powder has a greenish black colour to it so you need to make sure that you wipe down your sink well after you are finished brushing. It may look a little scary when you first use this stuff, but once you get the hang of it you will enjoy your 1-2 times per week brushing with your Black Whitener.

My Tooth Tonic routine

Since we have stocked the Tooth Tonic in our health centre in Lismore, I have been using the Tooth Tonic 2-3 times per day. As a herbalist, I make my own herbal mouthwash which I use regularly before or after brushing, I also use Dr Tung's Floss and Dr Tung's Tongue Cleaner regularly and then I follow with a couple of drops of Tooth Tonic on my bamboo toothbrush.

For those with an open mind, Tooth Tonic is a great alternative to conventional toothpastes and definitely better for your overall health of your teeth and gums. We have the Tooth Tonic in the Original minty flavour and also in the mint free Fennel style, we have also just recently introduced the Tooth Tonic Mighty Mouth, which is suitable for kids.






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