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Fresca Deodorant – A Collaborative Review

Posted on 25 March 2015 by Sundala Health

While natural, aluminium free deodorants are becoming more commonly available, effective deodorants are a little harder to find, especially if you are adept at making your own aroma – if you get my drift.

Our collaborative review looks at Fresca Natural Deodorants from the viewpoint of our three main bloggers and reviewers at Sundala Health. Leonie (that’s me) is a naturopath, herbalist and vegetarian who has super sensitive skin, Marie is a busy mum with teenage boys and has a penchant for all things natural and feminine and lastly Henley is our reviewer for all things blokey, including our men’s natural skin care and hair care products, he loves trying, as he says “new prodsies”.

Firstly, the Fresca natural deodorants are 100% natural; they are aluminium free and contain no alcohol or parabens. Fresca deodorants are made in my home state of Western Australia and also contain no synthetics, no nasty chemicals, no artificial fragrances or preservatives and, as an added bonus, these natural deodorants are also vegan, palm oil free and cruelty free.

In 2012 Fresca was the winner for the Best Natural Aluminium Free Deodorant at the Nature & Health Beauty Awards – real recognition that you can’t turn your nose up at. The key to the effectiveness of the Fresca deodorants is a combination of aerated salts and their proprietary blend of essential oils that they use as a base; these essential oils include cabrueva, elemi and grapefruit seed extract. These ‘shhh … secret squirrel’ ingredients help to destroy the stink causing bacteria in your armpits without the need for harmful chemicals.

So, for this natural deodorant review, each of us has chosen a Fresca deodorant to trial exclusively for one week and below are the comments that each of our reviewers have after using their chosen Fresca deodorant:

Fresca Ocean DeodorantLeonie – Fresca Ocean deodorant: I usually have an aversion to trying a different deodorant, but after introducing the Fresca range of deodorants into the store at Sundala Health and hearing some positive feedback, I thought it might be time to step out of my usual comfort zone. I chose the Ocean fragrance as this is the most ‘herbie’ smelling one, as I am not a fan of sweet smelling products. I was a little surprised that this natural deodorant actually works quite well, especially for my usually hard to disguise bouquet. I usually only use a crystal deodorant and I noticed that the Fresca deodorant seemed to keep me odour free for most of the day, I did not experience any rashes or irritations, which is great for my sensitive skin. We often have people visiting our store who are looking for a natural deodorant ‘that actually works’ and I am confident that the Fresca deodorants can deliver on this requirement.


Marie - Fresca Jaisara deodorant: I just love the smell of the Fresca Jaisara deodorant! I love that this is sweet enough to be Fresca Jaisara Deodorantfeminine, but not too much that it is nauseating. I found that the Fresca deodorant rolls on easily and does not leave a residue or big wet area on my underarms like some deodorants do. I tend to re-apply my deodorant in the afternoon and actually found that this deodorant smelled a little different after this re-application, so I guess this is a reaction with the chemicals in my sweat. I found that even though the container for this deodorant is quite small, the effectiveness of this product is well worth the slightly higher price tag. I will definitely use this again and may look at using the unscented natural deodorant next time.

Fresca Citrus Fresh DeodorantHenley – Fresca Citrus Fresh deodorant: I am the first to admit that I prefer a spray on deodorant, in my opinion hairy armpits and roll on deodorant don’t go well together (there, I said it!). Admittedly after a week of using the Fresca Citrus Fresh deodorant I can confess that I enjoyed the fragrance and found that the deodorant dried quickly so that I didn’t need to wave my arms about like a helicopter to dry them off before putting on a shirt. I do tend to get pretty sweaty, and although this deodorant didn’t stop me from sweating (ok, I know that’s not what it is meant to do), I found that it was a long time before I felt like I needed to re-apply and even when working in the yard while using this deodorant I was quite a bit less pongy than usual. All up, quite a good deodorant, nice smell and texture and it actually did what it claims, but, for me I would want it in a spray bottle.

Check out the range of Fresca natural deodorants in our online store at www.sundalahealth.com.au or visit us in our health store in Lismore NSW to smell the range of natural, aluminium free deodorants from Fresca.


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