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Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum Review

Posted on 13 March 2015 by Leonie Satori

As a dedicated skin serum worshiper you can imagine my glee when I discovered that Antipodes had brought out a new face serum. Conveniently coinciding with the end of a bottle of my previous natural face serum the arrival of Antipodes Worship Serum was greeted with much anticipation. Antipodes Worship Serum

With their usual ‘scientific organic beauty’ style, Antipodes states on the packaging that their signature ingredient Vinanza grape (grape seed) extract is scientifically shown to inhibit oxidative stress by up to 90%. These antioxidant claims are supported with a bevy of other natural antioxidant ingredients including Boysenberry, Blackcurrant and Kiwifruit.

Additional ingredients including Acai Berry, alpha lipoic acid and Arabica Coffee extracts add to the antioxidant benefits and rejuvenating qualities of this light and refreshing face serum. Being a water based serum, this formula lends itself well to using underneath your regular cream or face oil and seems to work well day or night.

The first two features that you notice with this product are the colour and the smell – deliciously sweet with the fragrance of the antioxidant berry extracts and a rich velvety coffee colour. On application, this product feels cool and soothing, and given only a few minutes you can feel the slight astringent and tonifying effects on your skin. As with their other skin serums, this natural face serum almost serves as an undercoat for the application of additional moisturisers or face oils. The real spirit of this face serum is when you closely follow it with a face oil. When used in combination with the Antipodes Divine Face Oil you will notice your skin promptly absorbing the goodness from the oil straight into your skin - I would recommend using less than what you normally would of your face oil here. For those who love the berry heaven scent of the Antipodes Joyous Night Replenish Serum, the Worship Serum is the perfect night time accompaniment.

Of course, for those who prefer a cream moisturiser – this skin serum enhances the moisturising and hydrating qualities of Antipodes Light, Day and Night Moisturisers.

As with many of the Antipodes skin care products, most of the ingredients, primarily the berry extracts are from certified organic sources. The product range is approved by the Vegetarian Society and with a good look through the ingredients list; this product appears to be vegan friendly too.

So, why would I choose this skin serum over the two other Antipodes face serums? Well, this is my interpretation – this formula’s primary focus is antioxidant and tonifying, which makes it perfect for those who want to slow down the aging process a little and therefore ideal for those who have been smokers or perhaps indulging in too many of life’s pleasures. This formula can also be thought of in terms of an antioxidant remedy that you apply directly to your skin, great to use in combination with natural antioxidants rich foods such as berries, superfoods, spirulina or other antioxidant rich foods. Berry worship inside and out.


  • Nev Rodda: May 27, 2016

    This is a fantastic New Zealand natural skin care brand. Thumbs up for natural ingredients and a sustainable mindset.

  • Lily Fletcher: March 13, 2015

    Ooooh! Sounds delish. Can’t wait to give it a try, I hope you have a tester in store Leonie!!!

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