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Greenilicious – 101 Ways to Love Your Greens Book Review

Posted on 06 December 2014 by Leonie Satori

What a delight it is to have the opportunity to review this ‘green’ recipe book “Greenilious – 101 Ways to Love Your Greens” by Australian author and nutritionist Amanda Benham and vegan guru and co-author Leigh Drew. When I first laid my eager hands on this healthy cookery book, I first noticed the elegance of layout and the abundance of nutrition information on many of the green foods included in the recipes. The second outstanding feature was the distinct lack of imperial units of measurement – yes, this is a fine quality Australian recipe book that includes healthy recipes with ingredients that are readily available in Australia.

In the initial pages of Greenilious expect to be introduced to ‘greens’ with some nutritional information on the benefits of eating greens (and not just boring old lettuce), plus some handy Greenilicious Book Reviewinformation on what to expect if you overindulge in greens and even a chart of suggested servings of vegetables and greens for all ages from two years.

The following chapters are categorised according to green food type, starting with salads and then cabbages and working through to peas and herbs. Each chapter provides in introductory few pages on the greens and for example in the “Lettuces and Other Salad Greens” chapter, the authors include some practical tips for washing and storage of leafy greens. Colour pictures throughout show many of the raw green ingredients highlighted in the recipes (helpful for identifying lesser-known greens) and display realistic and achievable images of the completed recipes.

Each chapter contains a selection of recipes including the said ‘greens’ in a variety of recipes. If you are anticipating a book full of salads, you will be surprised to find a variety of recipes ranging from simple delicious looking soups and quiches, to Asian influenced steamed dumplings, smoothies and even some sweet recipes. While this recipe book may be a vegetarian or vegan’s delight, there are many recipes that can be combined with meat based dishes to create a complement of flavours for those who are challenged with the whole ‘meat free’ concept.

Throughout the collection of recipes you can find a little green box with notes on each of the recipes – this is practical information to help the reader to recreate the recipes at home – these notes range from appropriate substitutions for hard to find ingredients, to suggestions for making dishes heartier with additional ingredients. Also included are handy little symbols to help to identify recipes that are gluten free, quick to prepare or those that require no cooking (raw foods).

Right at the back of the book you will find a ‘nutrient content’ table for the green foods included in the recipes in the book. This table shows the macronutrient content (protein, fats, carbohydrates) of the green foods and also shows the vitamin and mineral content of the foods – a valuable resource for those wanting to choose greens and vegetables with specific nutrition requirements in mind. Finally, the glossary of terms gives a good explanation of some of the less common terms used in the book, including an explanation of one of my favourite terms: mucilaginous.

Overall this is a valuable addition for even the most well-read home cooks, and provides a thoroughly elegant resource on including green foods in the diet on a regular basis. Many of the dishes are simple and quick to prepare, making this an attractive cookbook for those who are less experienced in the kitchen. Greenilicious – 101 Ways to Love Your Greens will certainly become a well used healthy cookbook in many an Australian home kitchen. Eat your greens!


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