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Comparing Nikken PiMag Filter and ALPS Water Filter

Posted on 12 May 2014 by Leonie Satori

When my partner asked: “Why do you have two water filters in the clinic?” I was compelled to give a full discussion of why we (temporarily) have two similar water filters at Sundala Health.

I have used the PiMag water filter a few times at home and at various naturopathic clinics where I have worked in the past, and, when I was setting up my own clinic I wanted a simple and efficient water filtration system that didn’t require any drilling or plumbing. I initially purchased my PiMag water filter late last year and noticed that the Original PiMag filter had been replaced with a newer, smaller and slicker looking water filter; I also noticed some changes with the basic components of the water filter. One of the reasons that I originally chose the PiMag water filter was because I knew the product well and had previously used the water filter with good results – that is, the water tastes good, smells good and I have found even the most resistant water drinkers willing to consume this water. Comparing PiMag and ALPS Water Filters

What I wasn’t prepared for when I purchased the PiMag water filter was the whole concept of what they call ‘direct marketing’ and while the PiMag filter is a good system, the whole involved process of purchasing the unit and the ongoing promotions and marketing, I was quietly hoping and waiting for something similar to come along that didn’t have all of the extra added complications. It seems that my quiet hoping paid off and I recently invested in an ALPS Water Filtration Unit – which briefly explains why I have the two water filters in our clinic at Sundala Health. I now have the PiMag and ALPS water filters sitting side-by-side at Sundala Health and I am in the process of doing a ‘not so scientific’ experiment.

My interest in the ALPS water filtration unit began when I discovered that the unit was manufactured in the same location as the PiMag and the components were actually quite similar. As you can see from the image, the ALPS water filtration unit is based on the older or “Original” PiMag filtration system. Below outlines what I have found to be the advantages and disadvantages of both systems, yes, it is obvious that while I do like the PiMag filter, the convenience, price and sensibility of the ALPS water filter gets more of my vote. Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive and scientific investigation, this is merely my own observations and opinion of two similar gravity fed water filtration systems:

The similarities between the two systems (ALPS & PiMag):

  • Gravity flow system requiring no plumbing.
  • BPA Free plastics used in all components.
  • Multisystem filtration removes heavy metals and harmful elements including chlorine.
  • Far infra-red ceramic filtration helps to soften the water, giving cleaner, fresher tasting water.
  • Mineral stones in the base of the unit serve to keep water fresh, pH balanced and naturally mineralised.
  • Magnetic tap is purported to repair the structure of the water and restore the natural energy balance of the water.
  • The water that comes out of both of these filters is pleasant tasting and easy to drink, making it great for kids (or adults) that do not drink tap water because of the unpleasant taste or smell.

An interesting component of both of these systems is the inclusion of the ‘mineral stones’ in the base of the lower water holding chamber. Not only are these stones to re-mineralise the water, but the beneficial minerals (calcium and magnesium) in these stones are said to improve energy and make the water more hydrating.

PiMag Pros:

  • “Slick” new design is more attractive and takes up less room.

PiMag Cons:

  • When I first purchased the PiMag water filter I noticed a very strong perfumed smell that took several weeks and washes to get ‘out of the system’.
  • Direct marketing means that once you have the system, the only place that you can purchase the replacement components and filter replacements is through a Nikken representative or become a ‘consultant’ yourself.
  • The new design requires that you change the main filter every 90 days, and they suggest purchasing a 12 month supply of these filters every year so that you have these on hand to change over.

ALPS Pros:

  • No involved process for purchase of unit, no ‘direct marketing’ or pyramid selling system involved.
  • No overwhelming perfume smells that needed to be washed or rinsed through when first purchased (just regular rinse through as with all plastic products).
  • Replacement parts and filters can purchased at numerous locations or you can purchase directly from the importer (and chat with him in person).
  • The inclusion of the ion exchange resin in the cartridge ‘neutralises’ and traps fluoride atoms, removing around 98% of fluoride from the water.
  • 12L holding chamber is suitable for a small office or a large family.

ALPS Cons:

  • A slower filtration system, you just might have to wait a little longer than the PiMag for your filtered water.
  • “Older” design not as funky and takes up a little more room.
  • No ‘comprehensive’ website promoting the benefits of the product, no big advertising or marketing campaign (ok, maybe this is a ‘Pro’).

We originally purchased the PiMag water filter with the intention of having the water available to drink for ourselves, our customers in our health store, our clients in our clinic and to sell on to anyone who was looking for a simple water filter that could produce good quality drinking water, however the fuss and bother associated with becoming part of a ‘direct selling’ marketing system did not match well with our ‘Simply Inspired Vitality’ philosophy of Sundala Health. We are now proud to have the ALPS Water Filtration Unit in our health store and naturopathic clinic and also supply the filter and components in our store and online. Our ‘not so scientific’ testing of these two water filters will be ongoing for the next six weeks; we will look further into the different components of the water filters and also do some rigorous taste testing. For those who would like to taste the water from these two water filters, we welcome you at our health centre in Lismore in the Rainbow region of Northern Rivers NSW.

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For answers to some common questions regarding our ALPS water filter, visit our page: ALPS Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions


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