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Zuii Certified Organic Flora Eyebrow Definer Review

Posted on 29 March 2014 by Marie Hunter

Having used a few Zuii Organic cosmetics in the last few years, I was eager to try some products from their recent release of new cosmetic pencils – eyeliner, lipliner, concealer and for me, the most exciting one is the eyebrow definer.

 While I have used numerous eyebrow pencils that seem to add some dimension and colour to my little blonde caterpillars, I have never found anything that really does the trick to make my eyebrows really, well … fabulous. It is not that I don’t have any eyebrows, I actually have quite a bit of eyebrow hair potential, but because I only seem to be able to grow blonde hairs, they only become apparent in direct sunlight or under fluorescent lights.

The new Zuii Organic Eyebrow Definer comes in two different shades – Coco and Taupe and is in a wind-up crayon type design, which I quite like. It seems that this product is made with two types of eyebrows in mind (well that is my interpretation) there are those women who don’t have enough actual eyebrows and need something to ‘fill in the gaps’ and then there are those like me that need some extra colour added to their existing eyebrows.

I found it is the shape and texture of this product that emphasises its usefulness: the soft, but not smudgy texture of the pencil/crayon means that this creates a nice coating on my eyebrows and gives a nice natural colour without looking ‘drawn on’. Also, the flat angular almost ergonomic design of the tip allows for ease of application and alleviates any pulling or scratching that I have found with ‘pointy-tipped’ eyebrow pencils in the past. As this eyebrow definer applies on both the skin and the hair, this product is a great way to create natural looking contours and to seamlessly fix errors in plucking or waxing.

I did try both the Coco and the Taupe Eyebrow Definer and while both made a dramatic improvement for my overall look, the Coco is more suited to my fairer skin and lighter hair colour. As with most eyebrow pencils, it is best to apply the colour using short light strokes to create a natural eyebrow shape, and it is quite easy to create different looks with a little practice and creativity.

Is this a revolution in natural makeup? Finally a natural eyebrow definer / pencil / crayon, call it what you like that applies smoothly, stays on, looks natural and isn’t packed full of nasty junk. Zuii Certified Organic Flora Make-Up products are made with the essence of nature, they use a unique blend of Certified Organic Flora ingredients, essential oils, vitamins and minerals to nurture, protect and improve the health of your skin. Zui1 Organic products are not tested on animals; contain no petrochemicals, no parabens, no talc and no GMOs.

Zuii Organic Make-Up is made in Australia - to help bring out your own natural beauty.

Visit our online store to see our full range of Zuii Certified Organic Flora Make-Up or visit us in our health store to try our full range of natural cosmetics.


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