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How to Use T-Sac Tea Filters

Posted on 16 June 2016 by Leonie Satori

We have used T-sac Tea Filters for several years now at Sundala Health Centre, these nifty little compostable herbal tea bags are perfect for our signature blend herbal teas or your own unique tea blends.

Loose herbal teas can be both enjoyable to drink, medicinal and healthy, however when you are on the road, at work or do not have access to a teapot, plunger or other device to infuse your tea, loose herb teas can be both messy and inconvenient. T-Sac Tea Filters offer a solution for this, essentially they are a pouch to hold your loose-leaf herbs in one place in your cup, mug, teapot or thermos.

Made from a blend of wood cellulose and Manila hemp, T-Sac Tea Filters are surprisingly sturdy and lightweight, they are biodegradable, compostable and unbleached, making them the most environmentally friendly and convenient tea filter to use.

T-Sac Tea Filter Sizes

T-Sac Tea Filters are available in a range of sizes, size 1 being the most popular as this is suitable for a single teacup or mug. Size 2 is a little larger and is suitable for use in four cup teapots, size 3 for eight cup teapots and size 4 is for 12 cup teapots. Size 5 T-Sac Tea Filters are a little different to the other four sizes, these are much longer and more narrow and are designed for vacuum flasks or a thermos.

Each T-Sac Tea Filter has a gusset to allow you to fill your pouch with the desired amount of herbs, but it can also allow your herbs to naturally unfurl to release their flavour, aroma and medicinal qualities. T-Sac Tea Filters have an additional flap at the top of the pouch to allow you to secure your herbs in place. This flap can be used in numerous different ways to keep your herbs from seeping into your cup and here we will describe some of our suggested ways for using T-Sac Tea Filters.

How to Use T-sac Tea Filters

How to seal your T-Sac Tea Filter

Once you have selected the size T-Sac Tea Filter that you require, simply fill the pouch with the desired amount of herbs, remembering not to overfill your tea filter as this may make it difficult for you to seal in the contents. At this stage, you can place the tea filter directly into your mug, using the gusset to keep the tea filter upright in your cup. However, we suggest using one of the following methods for securing your T-sac Tea Filter.

Two of the simplest methods for securing the contents of your T-Sac Tea Filter are to either fold and roll down the opening of the filter or twist off the top of the tea filter. T-sac also make what they call a Delta Teefilter Clip, this is a metal clip that can secure the top of your tea filter and then attaches to your cup, mug or pot. T-sac Delta Teefilter Clips are suitable only for size 1 and 2 T-Sac Tea Filters and are available to buy in our store.

T-Sac Tea Filters are also heat seal-able, which means that you can completely seal your tea filter with your regular household iron. This is my most favourite method to sealing T-Sac Tea Filters when I am travelling, it ensures that your herbs definitely do not escape your tea filter and is by far the neatest way to use T-Sac Tea Filters. To heat seal your tea filter with your iron, just set your iron to the lowest setting, fold over the flap and iron the top part of your tea filter closed.

Once you have secured the contents of your T-Sac Tea Filter, it is ready for use. Place your filled and secured tea filter into your cup, mug, teapot or thermos and fill with hot water. If you have used one the methods that we have described here to secure your T-Sac Tea Filter, you should have no problem with herbs spilling into your cup. You may notice that initially your tea filter may seem to inflate and float on the surface of your cup, once the water seeps through the tea filter it will deflate a little and allow the goodness of your herbs to infuse into the water.

Once you have finished with your tea filter it is ready to be composted in your home garden. Remember that your T-Sac Tea Filters are entirely biodegradable, so you do not need to empty the contents separately.

Other uses for T-Sac Tea Filters

T-Sac Tea Filters are not just for herbal teas, they can be used for many different purposes in the home kitchen. T-Sac Tea Filters can be used for brewing coffee we suggest that you avoid finely ground coffee and remember that these filters are a little more delicate than your regular coffee filters. Sizes 3 and 4 are also suitable for bouquet garni – just secure with kitchen twine or jute and compost when you are finished.

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