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Herbalist Makes the First Herbal Infusion

Posted on 01 March 2017 by Sundala Health

Imagine… Neanderthal woman, still in tune with her primitive instincts, succinctly aware of the native flora of her surrounding environment. 

The First Herbalist

She is presented with a dilemma – a family member, a child is ill and to the best of her knowledge, the unrivalled remedy for this illness is the root of a local tree. She has only the dried roots of this valuable medicine collected last autumn at her disposal, and the arid texture of the root makes it nearly impossible to administer it in this form as the child is unable to consume such course foods.

The Neanderthal woman is forced to use whichever tools she has at her disposal – she grinds the root as best as she can between some stones that have been fashioned for this purpose and uses water from a nearby stream in which to soak the ground root. She places the mixture in the sunlight, with the hope that the heat from the sun’s rays will infuse the water with the wisdom of the medicinal root. She waits, until she feels that the preparation is ready and she administers the medicated water to the child in small doses until the child is fully recovered.



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