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Gifting at Christmas Time and the Plight of the Ethical Retailer

Posted on 15 November 2018 by Leonie Satori

In an age of blind consumerism with social pressures to purchase gifts for others, it is often difficult to maintain focus and sink into the real meaning of gift-giving. This time of the year usually makes me a little jittery, not because I feel the pressure to buy-buy-buy, but because I can sense this urgency and anxiety in others. Also, even though I am a health practitioner, I often need to remind myself that I am a retailer, and in all honesty, I find it difficult to get on the whole Christmas shopping bandwagon (sell-sell-sell).

Sundala Christmas Window 2018

Buy my stuff, don't buy my stuff (the ethical retailer's paradox)

I have been known to tell people not to buy more stuff, and I encourage people to work on improving their own wellbeing and connection with others. I often turn people away because I know they are looking for a quick-fix or a magic pill. In the short term this may not seem profitable for a business owner, but what I find is in the long run most people seem to value honesty over a slick sales pitch.

So, does Sundala have any gift ideas for Christmas?

Absolutely, but we have scrimped on the tinsel and our ‘Christmas tree’ is made from cardboard cut-out hearts, but we know that this time of the year is about festivities, being with family and gift giving (from the heart).

At Sundala we encourage you to choose wisely, no pushy sales and no companion selling. We’re not under pressure to meet any sales targets and prefer to get a good night sleep than stay awake knowing that someone purchased something that they really didn’t need or want.

We do our best to support manufacturers who produce products that are useful, indulgent and thoughtful. We seek out hard-to-find products, those with minimal packaging, local, vegan, palm oil free and ethical made products.

We have our own selection of products that we make; we have a range of herbal teas, natural skincare products and herbal gifts. Our focus is on healthy, hard-to-find and beautifully made indulgent products. These formulations are designed to nourish the body and the soul. From go to whoa, our product range is designed and packaged in-house. Everything from the formulation to the label design is our own unique composition.

We now stock some second-hand items and encourage gifting from this range too. Many of these second hand items are priced moderately and we would love for these pre-loved items to be loved again. Wastage and over-consumerism, I believe can play a role in exacerbating mental and physical health conditions. Paying it forward, moving-on unused items and simplifying your home can be a way to allow more 'space' in your life for things that you truly desire and cherish.

More about us

We are independently owned, by a health practitioner (that’s me) with a genuine desire to help others reach their health and life goals. We are not driven by shareholders, we are not part of a franchise, and more often than not you will be greeted and served by the business owner (that’s me again).

We are honest and human, and with this, we make mistakes and try to learn from them. We love being part of the Lismore community, and it brings us great joy to be involved in so many people’s lives. Those who have shared their lives with us are part of our extended Sundala family.

So, our philosophy on gift-giving this year

A truly thoughtful gift comes from the heart, when you see the right thing for that special person, you always know that it’s right. Forcing a gift purchase, under social (or other) pressures invariably ends with wasted time and finances. If you can’t find that special gift in time for Christmas, consider gifting something a little different: a home-cooked meal, a forest picnic adventure, offer your services for baby-sitting or, of course, a gift voucher for Sundala Health.

Gifting with your heart, rather than your head always feels good. Enjoy the gift of life with your family and friends and celebrate the abundance in your life.



Leonie Satori Naturopath

About the Author

Leonie is a Naturopath & Medical Herbalist with a passion for good food, healthy living and of course, herbal medicine. When she is not consulting in her Naturopathic clinic in Lismore or blogging about nutrition, Ayurvedic Medicine or natural health, she is studying yoga, growing her own herbs and vegetables or quietly walking in the natural bush land in Northern Rivers NSW.

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