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Five Ways To Include Turmeric Into Your Daily Routine

Posted on 12 September 2018 by Leonie Satori

Ok. So we've have got the gist of turmeric and absorption and bioavailability. So far, we know that turmeric is best combined with a carrier herb such as ginger, cinnamon or black pepper. We also know that the curcumins in turmeric are more readily available when combined with some kind of fatty substance - enter lashings of coconut cream, ghee or butter.

Ways To Include Turmeric in Your Daily Routine

Including medicinal foods and herbs in your diet such as turmeric is not only more economical, but in many ways much more medicinal than popping a pill. Turmeric is surprisingly versatile and once you have some growing in your garden (or a friend who can supply you with some), you will wonder how you ever did without it.

So here we have a few ways that you can incorporate this wonderful herb into your daily routine and benefit from it's anti-inflammatory, immune balancing and digestion enhancing qualities:

The Traditional Curry - with Turmeric

Probably the most familiar usage of turmeric is in a curry. Once thought of only for it's pretty colour, turmeric is now the ruler of a good yellow curry. Fresh grated turmeric, onions, garlic, ginger, plus a few other herbs and spices, and you will have yourself a lovely base for your curry. Adding a little coconut milk or cream, an abundance of vegetables and some delicious chickpeas and you have the most delicious and nutritious anti-inflammatory curry on your street.

A Salad Dressing - with Turmeric

Fresh grated turmeric is not something most would think of for a salad, but hear me out here. We are talking about a hearty salad here, with hot steamed sweet vegetables (sweet potato, pumpkin or parsnip) and a little white miso paste, lemon juice, maybe some mustard paste, a little tahini and some olive oil. To aid digestion, I would also add a little fresh grated ginger to this recipe and you will have a delicious salad to impress your family and friends with.

Golden Milk/Turmeric Tea - made with Turmeric

Probably one of the most delicious ways to include turmeric into your daily routine. Golden Milk, aka turmeric milk drink or turmeric tea is based on a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal drink. While you can make your own formula, we have a blend made with Ayurvedic herbs: long pepper, cinnamon and ginger, plus some grounding and soothing rosehips. Generally turmeric tea will be made with milk (dairy or plant based) and a paste of herbs containing turmeric and other spices, plus some ghee or coconut oil. View our delicious Ayurvedic Turmeric Tea mix here, or check out some of the ready-to-go formulas.

Kimchi/Sauerkraut - with Turmeric

Fighting for the title of most popular superfood this decade are the fermented foods. What better to combine these two than in a turmeric sauerkraut or kimchi. We love The Cultured Belly Yellow Belly Spicy Turmeric Sauerkraut, it's raw, delicious and great for supporting healthy digestion, but if you are adept at making fermented foods at home you could make your own with fresh turmeric, ginger and some spices. Yum. Add your fermented turmeric superfood to rice or vegetables, plonk some on an open sandwich with some sprouts and avocado or add some to a nice warm miso soup.

Indonesian Jamu Drink - with Turmeric

The newest addition to our favourite herbal drinks recipe, Indonesian Jamu is made with fresh grated turmeric, ginger, tamarind and lime juice. Perfect for the warmer weather, or warmed with a little cinnamon and coconut oil, this delicious turmeric drink is sure to be a tangy hit this Spring. Make up a big batch of Jamu to keep you going for a few days, it keeps well in the fridge and is surprisingly versatile too.

So, there you go, a few different ways to yellow up your life with medicinal turmeric in foods. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates



Leonie Satori Herbalist Naturopath Lismore

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Leonie is a Naturopath & Medical Herbalist with a passion for good food, healthy living and of course, herbal medicine. When she is not consulting in her wellness clinic in Lismore or blogging about nutrition, Ayurvedic Medicine or natural health, she is studying yoga, growing her own herbs and vegetables or quietly walking in the natural bush land in Northern Rivers NSW.

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