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What a Man Needs to Know about Zinc

Posted on 24 April 2014 by Leonie Satori

Zinc is involved in several different biochemical processes in the body, but is especially important for men. In today’s agricultural environment and with the commercial use of artificial fertilisers, many men are not getting the optimum range of nutrients from their food, even if they are eating a well balanced diet. Add to this mix a stressful, busy lifestyle, smoking, coffee or alcohol, and many blokes just aren’t getting the much needed goodness from their food. Zinc Supplement 

Zinc as a nutrient is to men, like iron is to women. Where women lose iron through their menstrual blood, men tend to lose zinc through their semen, so any guy that is operating at a high frequency or is one half of a baby making machine tends to be using more than his share of zinc.   Zinc, for blokes also plays an integral role in the manufacture of proper healthy testosterone. Good healthy testosterone makes men buff and virile, but when their testosterone is a little off centre, they can experience male pattern baldness (although this is mostly hereditary), prostate issues or early middle age spread.

For digestion, zinc plays a major role in the manufacture of our natural digestive secretions and helps with the early stages of the breakdown of food, especially proteins; zinc also helps with the enzymes that our body produces to breakdown alcohol.

In the immune system zinc is directly involved in antibody production to help you fight an infection. It is believed that zinc has free radical scavenging ability in the body, possessing antioxidant abilities that protect against accelerated aging of the skin and the muscles of the body. Zinc, in combination with vitamin C plays an essential role in wound healing and these two same nutrients are depleting in those who smoke, causing premature aging of the skin and connective tissue throughout the body.

One of the major signs of zinc deficiency is a lack of smell, as zinc plays a role in the olfactory sensations. As smell and taste are closely connected, sense of taste is also an indication of zinc levels in the body, and, while on the topic of senses, zinc is also required for proper night vision.   It is fairly easy to see that zinc is an important nutrient for most men living and breathing today and it is said that after iron, zinc is the most highly required mineral in the body. In summary, a good quality men’s zinc supplement will help you to digest your food, keep your skin healthy, keep your testosterone in check, therefore keeping you looking muscular and healthy, keep you making that good quality semen and help keep your immune system strong and healthy.  

(Always remember a supplement is no substitute for good healthy food.) 

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