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10 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on 24 December 2013 by Leonie Satori

Need some simple tips for a healthy lifestyle? These steps help with managing stress levels while balancing a busy workload and family commitments. In today's fast paced life, it is easy to lose focus of the important and simple practice of living a healthy life. For many, these healthy living guidelines will not be anything new, in fact this article is more of a reminder and confirmation that keeping things simple help to maintain overall health and well being. 

Healthy Lifestyle

One: Physical activity. Aim to include at least 20 minutes per day of physical activity (you could call this exercise too). Finding time to fit in exercise can be as simple as taking the dog for a walk, walking to buy your groceries instead of taking the car or mowing the lawn.

Two: Meditation. Practice taking yourself away from your day to day life and focus on simplicity, this is what meditation is about for the busy person. Meditation need not be rigid or difficult to do, a walking meditating can be ideal for some, others simply listening to music can be a meditation.

Three: Eat regular meals. Although this can seem an obvious suggestion, but ensuring your body has proper nutrients to function can improve productivity and reduce wasted time (creating more time for fun).

Four: Limit alcohol intake to no more than two standard serves per day. Although alcohol can seem to provide temporary relief, in the long run excessive intake can increase stress hormones, causing further problems down the track.

Five: maintain regular and sufficient sleep. Although at some stage many busy people attempt to push the boundaries of reduced sleep, the well known long term effects of lack of adequate rest can reduce focus, concentration and also increase stress levels.

Six: Take time out each day to focus on yourself. Having some quiet time to relax, reflect and simply ‘be’, can improve energy, focus and enhance perspective – aim to schedule in fifteen minutes per day.

Seven: Include intimacy as part of your lifestyle. Sharing time with your partner, among many other things can help to provide a more relaxed view of life and help to strengthen loving relationships.

Eight: Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and smoking. The temporary benefits of these stimulants only create further health problems.

Nine: Connect with nature. Scheduling in some bush walking, gardening or beach swimming on a regular basis can help to replenish your spirit and re-invigorate your mind.

Ten: Have fun. Being an adult can be a little too serious at times; sometimes a change in perspective is all that is needed to include some laughter in your daily life.  Learn to laugh at your mistakes, learn to juggle, practice making silly faces at your friends, dance in your kitchen while preparing meals with your partner … embrace every opportunity to have fun!



Leonie Satori Herbalist Naturopath Lismore

About the Author

Leonie is a Naturopath & Medical Herbalist with a passion for good food, healthy living and of course, herbal medicine. When she is not consulting in her Naturopathic clinic in Lismore or blogging about nutrition, Ayurvedic Medicine or natural health, she is studying yoga, growing her own herbs and vegetables or quietly walking in the natural bush land in Northern Rivers NSW.

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