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The 100 Monkey Theory

Posted on 13 October 2016 by Sundala Health

The 100 Monkey Theory

Somewhere, on an island far, far away, lived a community of monkeys that enjoyed their days, playing, sleeping and eating. Their favourite food was the produce of a tree that grew tasty, long slender, yellow skinned fruits. Their most rigorous chore in their luxurious life was somehow extracting the centre fleshy portion of the fruit. Many of the monkeys had devised various techniques for doing so, but most resulted in a messy mashing of the fruit.

Until that is, when one day, a young and inspiring monkey living on the island was sitting under a tree decided that she would ignore the techniques of her ancestors and try a new method for exposing the delicious flesh of the fruit. She noticed that one end of the fruit had a strong, almost woody stem that she snapped off and used as a leaver to begin the peeling of the skin down the length of the fruit. Still holding on to one end, she continued around the circumference of the fruit, gently peeling the skin down the length of the fruit, exposing the firm fleshy portion of the fruit, ready for her to eat.

This inventive young monkey was praised by her family and friends for developing a simple and clean peeling technique for exposing the flesh of the fruit and it wasn’t long before all of the monkeys on the island were using this method. Every monkey on the island began peeling the fruit in the same way that the first inspiring monkey did, and it is said, that just as the 100th monkey on the island peeled the skin away from the fruit, somewhere on an island far, far away, was another monkey that devised a method for peeling the skin away from the flesh of his favourite yellow skinned fruit.


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