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Is That You DOMS?

Posted on 03 January 2018 by Sundala Health

It's Wednesday night and you are relaxing in your armchair at home. You have an ample supply of midweek snacks to prepare you for a marathon Netflix binge when you hear a loud knock at the door. Startled, you jump up out of your chair and attempt to race to the front door to see who could be calling at this time. After a slight stumble you make it to the door and see that it is one of your old mates who has been visiting you for the last few weeks.

"hey, aren't you a day early?" you ask him.

"err, yep" he sheepishly replies. "I thought I would come and hang out for an extra day or so. Should be ok, yeah?"

Is that you DOMS?

You shrug your shoulders and shuffle into the spare room to make up the bed for him.

After a few moments of wrestling with a fitted sheet, you realise that the spare bed needs to be unfolded.


It's a futon.






A total of six minutes pass while you attempt to negotiate the futon mattress into position. You notice the mattress exerting a powerful non-violent resistance that would make Gandhi proud and signal to your old mate to help out.

"hey, give us a hand will you!"

As your mate gestures to offer you some assistance your arms give way to the to the weight of the mattress, and in spectacular slow motion you collapse onto and bounce off the futon and then onto the floor.

Probably the best place for your mate to park up for the night... until tomorrow that is when he visits again.

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