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Carbon Neutral Website

Posted on 02 March 2014 by Sundala Health

The use of the internet presently emits large volumes of carbon dioxide due to energy consumption. This energy is consumed by the servers behind the websites and especially by the user of the website through their equipment - computer, monitor, modem and other electronics. As part of our Green Initiatives at Sundala Health Centre, we now have a completely carbon neutral website. From March 1st 2014, any CO2 emissions related to the use of our website is offset by carbon reductions in various projects to help build new renewable energy resources and support rainforest conservation.  
Carbon Neutral Website

Carbon offsets for our website are calculated according to the number of visitors to our website, the process of carbon offsetting is audited independently by Deloitte. Click here to view our carbon neutral website certificate.

Development of carbon offsets is established with the building of new renewable energy resources, thus reducing the need for coal plants and other polluting energy resources. Climate projects to reduce CO2 emissions include Gold Standard Verified Emission Reduction projects to reduce deforestation and improve health in developing nations. Rainforest conservation for carbon offstets includes carbon balanced programmes operated by international organisations using REDD+, a technique recognised by the UN as the most cost-effective way of addressing climate change. Overall, direct CO2 reducing actions are supplemented with certified carbon offsetting, gold standard offsets reduce the carbon emissions and help to gain positive social impact in developing nations.

Proudly, at Sundala Health we can now state that surfing our website is a green, climate friendly experience for our visitors - internet surfing with a clear conscience.

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