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Green Tag Certified Window Tinting

Posted on 14 January 2014 by Sundala Health

The beauty of having large windows at our store front on Molesworth Street in Lismore is the wonderful sunlight that flows into the front of our health store. The downside of all of this sunlight is the heat created and the rapid fading of our furniture. It didn’t take us too long to realise that something needed to be done and we decided that the best option was to have some tinting installed on our front windows.  Comfort Window Tinting

After talking to local expert Dave Youngberry at Comfort Window Tinting we decided on EnerLogic Gold Plus Certified window film and promptly had the installation finalised at the end of last year, just before the hot summer kicked in.

EnerLogic window film has gained an international gold plus certification for its outstanding eco-friendly performance – no other product in the window film and glazing industry has achieved Global Green Tag Certification for Eco Excellence.

Soon after having our front windows covered with the EnerLogic window tinting we noticed a difference in the temperature in our health store, especially with the morning sun. This particular window tint also works to reduce radiant heat, so continues to keep our store temperature pleasant throughout the day. Ultimately this window tinting has reduce the need to have our air conditioner running unnecessarily throughout the day, it creates a comfortable environment in our health store and clinic without excess energy usage, and also means that when we do use our air conditioner it is running more efficiently.

The upfront investment for the more energy efficient window tinting has well and truly paid off in the long term – energy usage and heat regulation is improved and our comfort level is improved – win, win.


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